Spring Maintenance

Home Care Checklist

Spring Home Maintenance Checklist for CT home owners

Winter weather can be hard on the exterior of Connecticut homes. Each spring you should consider conducting some basic home maintenance both inside and on the exterior of your home. This list will help you find problems before they turn in costly repairs.

Prepare your home for warmer weather.

☐ Change smoke detector batteries in smoke detectors, CO detectors
☐ Change carbon monoxide detector batteries
☐ Check fire extinguishers expiration dates
☐ Inspect / change air conditioning filters and water systems
☐ Inspect / change water system filters
☐ Inspect / clean dryer vents
☐ Clean windows and storm door
☐ Clean / reinstall screens
☐ Inspect / replace weather stripping on windows and doors

Make sure your roof is in top shape.

☐ Inspect roof and gutters for ice dam damage
☐ Inspect roof for warping, cracking and moss
☐ Inspect foundation and chimneys for leaks, cracks and settling
☐ Inspect stain on wood decks and porches
☐ Install hose to spigots
☐ Inspect and uncover central air conditioning units
☐ For warm-season grasses, dethatch in late spring or after the second mowing
☐ Patch any crack or holes in your driveway
☐ Prune any trees or bushes that are close or touching the house
☐ Service lawn and garden equipment before using

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If you find a problem that you can’ t handle, give Exteriors Plus a call. We do all types of home repairs; from installing windows to structural repairs or even building that dream deck.

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