Fall Maintenance

Home Care Checklist

Fall home maintenance for Connecticut homeowners

Each fall you should consider cleaning up after summer and fall and begin preparing the interior and exterior of your home for winter. This list will help you find problems
before they turn in costly repairs.


☐ Change batteries in smoke detectors, CO detectors and fire alarm
☐ Inspect and/or change filters in furnace and water systems
☐ Clean furnace, heating ducts, grills and registers
☐ Inspect and/or clean chimney and fireplace
☐ Inspect and/or clean dryer vent and pipes
☐ Clean windows, remove screens and install storm door windows
☐ Inspect/replace weather stripping on doors and windows


☐ Clean gutters and inspect leader pipes
☐ Inspect roof for warping, cracking and moss
☐ Remove hose from spigots
☐ Inspect and cover central air unit
☐ Service snow removal equipment
☐ Remove leaves and formalize lawn
☐ Trim and bring in weather sensitive plantings
☐ Clean and store lawn furniture

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If you find a problem that you can’ t handle, give Exteriors Plus a call. We do all types of home repairs; from installing energy saving windows and door to structural repairs or even replacing your roof.

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